About me

I am a doctoral researcher interested in numerical relativity and cosmology under the supervision of Christophe Ringeval and Sebastien Clesse. I am affiliated to UCLouvian - CURL, located at the beautiful town of Louvain-la-Neuve, in Belgium.

In my work I performe numerical simulations to study different topics of the early universe. During the first year of my PhD, I studied the initial conditions problem for cosmic inflation (see paper and post). Currently my reaserch focuses on multi-field inflation, the reheating and also primordial black hole formation. I am a developer of GRChombo, the numerical relativity code I use for my simulations.

In the past, I enjoyed working in other interdisciplinary areas:

  • From 2016-2018, I have worked for the INM-6 at the Juelich Research Center for neuroscience research in Germany. I helped with the modeling and analysis of electrophysiological data from macaque visual cortices in relation to the animal’s eye movements during free-viewing. Together with Pedro Maldonado in U. Chile, we are finalising a manuscript that should be posted soon.

  • Earlier, in 2012, I enjoyed an internship grant to work in Tim Byrnes Lab for quantum computing, previously located at the NII in Tokyo (currenlty at NYU-Shanghai). Together we wrote a paper on producing steady-state negative Wigner function light within exciton-polariton systems. Such methodologies could be used in the context of continuous-variables in quantum computing.

Finally, you can find some of my rants in Twitter, my research and codes in GitHub, or challenge me to a chess game in Chess.com.


I have a wide range of interdisciplinary research interests. These reflect some of my latest publications:

  • Cosmology: Early universe, inflation; primordial black holes.
  • Gravitation: Scalar-tensor theories; compact objects & topological defects.
  • Numerical relativity: Hydro-GR codes, strong gravity regimes, applications to cosmology.
  • Systems Neuroscience: Neural coding; vision; electrophysiology;
  • Computational Neuroscience: Neural networks codes; statistical and data analysis;
  • Condensed-matter physics: Exciton-polaritons, quantum open systems.



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